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Stem Cell Lift for the Face


"People keep telling me I look so well-rested and refreshed."
"At 39 years old, I had terrible bags under my eyes, making me look tired all the time and much older than my actual age. Dr. Newman performed the Stem-Cell Lift® on me. I drove myself home that day! Within about two weeks, my face had returned to normal -- without the bags! People keep telling me I look so well-rested and refreshed. They keep asking me if I went on vacation. They know something is different about me but they can't figure out what. Others who just meet me think that I'm much younger than I actually am. Now I just wake up and don't need to put on makeup to cover up my bags, and have a youthful glow about me. Dr. Newman thank you, thank you, and thank you!"
-- Amy K.
Amy K.
"I love the face that greets me in the mirror every morning! "
"Having had various procedures with other doctors before meeting Dr Newman, I can honestly say that trust is probably the single, most important factor in choosing any doctor... especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Since my first procedure with Dr Newman, I have found his judgment in determining and recommending courses of action for treatment, flawless. In fact, when I tell people I have had "work done" after having received a compliment, I always hear, "Wow! I never would have guessed! You look completely natural!" And that, besides the initial compliment about my appearance, is what reinforces my trust in Dr Newman, and my faith that my face, and body are in the best possible hands! I love the face that greets me in the mirror every morning! Thank you, Dr Newman." -- Eva M.
Eva M.
"...it's really non-invasive, it's rejuvenating, you're able to get up and go right away.
"Went in for consultation, one week later went in for the procedure, mini-liposuction, in and out in one day. That evening I went out to dinner right after the procedure. My skin improved. It definitely seems a lot smoother. I would think about doing it probably every 10 years because it's really non-invasive, it's rejuvenating, you're able to get up and go right away. [When asked what she sees when she looks in the mirror, Allison replied:] I see someone who's very happy." -- Allison D.
Allison D.

Given the choice, everyone would choose to retain their youthful appearance even as they age. We have always had plastic surgery options that could minimize the toll that age takes on the face, but they often came with harsher looks that made the skin resemble tight plastic. These nips and tucks gave plastic surgery for facelifts a bad reputation, but a stem cell facelift could be the answer that you have been searching for all along. 

Aging changes the shape and fullness of the face in a couple of key ways. Most notably, the face begins to deflate and loses the elasticity of youth. As a result of these important changes, the skin begins to droop and creates a tired appearance that gives you a perpetual expression of exhaustion, sickness, or frustration. 

One of the first areas impacted by these changes are the areas beneath the eyes as well as the cheekbones. Volume loss forces the fat in the face to support the eyes on its own, giving the appearance of a bulging eye. The skin attached to the cheekbones hangs low and caves inward to emphasize laugh lines, marionette lines, and the jowls. 

Fortunately, a stem cell facelift can correct these telltale signs of aging. Instead of the traditional surgery that removed bags from under the eyes and pulled skin tight, the stem cell facelift takes an entirely different path.

How is the Stem Cell Lift Different from a Traditional Face Lift?

The Stem Cell Lift from Dr. Newman is opening new doors for patients in Beverly Hills who want to shave years off of their faces. Unlike a quick nip and tuck procedure, Dr. Newman does away with these two-dimensional facelifts and the older grafting methods. With this new procedure, you can have a three-dimensional result without any scarring. 


The major difference is that stem cell facelifts correct volume loss in the key areas of your face instead of altering the anatomy. It is a quick and easy procedure that only requires local anesthetic. You can even do the entire face at the same time instead of performing separate procedures that could add thousands of dollars onto your final bill. 


Every treatment plan is customized to the patient, so it can be difficult to generalize the cost of this revolutionary procedure. In general, the average Stem Cell Lift cost is around $25,000 and this will address the entire face, compared to the traditional version that averages much higher. Dr. Newman is able to cut costs on this procedure because it does not require general anesthesia and requires significantly less surgery time.

Cutting Edge Cosmetic Surgery - Without Cutting

•Lower Cost •No Cutting
•No Scarring •Faster Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the area of stem cell research and its practical applications are still relatively new, there is much confusion regarding this topic. There is an ethical and non-controversial use of stem cells created from your own body fat (autologous adult adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells) that many people are open to pursuing. On the other hand, there is still much debate about embryonic stem cells. It is important to note the distinction between the research in these two vastly different fields.  


As a result of the wide array of research currently being conducted in this area, many of our patients come to us with questions about the Stem Cell Lift. Below are the most commonly asked questions about Dr. Newman’s innovative use of this new method. 


What are stem cells from fat? 


Non-embryonic adult stem cells are most commonly stored in your body’s fat. These stem cells do not divide until the body requires more cells due to natural processes, disease, or tissue injury. They play an important role in the body’s natural ability to repair and maintain itself long-term. As a result, these stem cells can theoretically divide without limit to replenish what the body needs. Once the stem cell is activated, it has the potential to remain a stem cell or transform into a fat cell, muscle cell, bone cell, cartilage cell, or nerve-covering cell. 


Does it leave scars? 


No, the Stem Cell Lift does not leave scars. Dr. Newman will use specially designed blunt instruments to inject fat and stem cells into the various parts of your face or body. No scalpels are necessary for this procedure. 


Does it make my face look fat? 


No, the Stem Cell Lift will not make your face appear fat. It will, however, restore a three-dimensional appearance to your face and give you a more youthful appearance. 


Do I need to be put to sleep? 


No, this procedure only requires local anesthetic because it is minimally invasive and can be performed rather quickly. Most patients still find it helpful to take an oral sedative that can help them to feel more relaxed throughout the procedure. 

Is the Stem Cell Facelift safe? 

Yes, the Stem Cell Lift is safe for all patients. Because the material used to boost the volume in your face is your own fat or stem cells, your body will not have an allergic or adverse reaction to the injections. You also do not need general anesthesia, so you can eliminate all of the serious risks associated with this as well. 

Is it painful? 

During the procedure, you may feel mild pressure where the injection is taking place but this should be controlled with local anesthesia. You may also have some soreness in the treated areas for one to two weeks after the procedure, but it does not require pain medication. 

How long is the recovery? 

You may return to your normal activity the following day if you took an oral sedative for the procedure. You may choose to take extra time off depending on the degree of swelling you experience afterward. Most patients have noticeable swelling and some potential bruising in the treated areas for three to ten days depending on the extent of the procedure and your own ability to heal. 

How long will the results last? 

You can expect to see the results last for five to ten years depending on your lifestyle, habits, and genetics. Smoking and weight fluctuations can shorten that time frame. 

How will it look over time? 

The changes will be undetectable because it is your own live tissue. As the rest of the tissue in your face changes, these areas will change as well. In addition to restoring the three-dimensional look to your face, the stem cells can create a youthful glow by improving the look and texture of your skin. 

How is it different from fat injections? 


Fat grafting injection results can vary based on the technique used. The different techniques are a major factor in how many fat cells will be transferred to a given area. With the Stem Cell Lift, Dr. Newman uses a groundbreaking process that can double or triple the number of stem cells used to reposition fat. This allows him to sculpt the face back to a youthful appearance. With this new approach, patients can clearly see better results that last longer. 


How much does it cost? 


Each treatment plan is going to be as unique as you are. With that being said, patients can expect to pay an average of $25,000 for their Stem Cell Lift treatment. This is only a small fraction of the cost of older methods that required longer operating times and general anesthesia. You may also save additional money because you can do the entire face all in one procedure. Otherwise, you would have to set up multiple procedures that could add thousands of dollars onto your final bill. The average cost of these older and less efficient procedures was usually upwards of $40,000.


Beyond the Face Lift


While many people associate this Stem Cell Lift with facelifts, it can be used to treat other areas of the body including:


  • Brazilian Butt-Lift or Buttock Augmentation
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Restoring Volume to Earlobes
  • Lipo-Correction
  • Cellulite Correction
  • Scar Revision
  • Post-Surgical Defects or Correction
  • Vulvar Enhancement
  • Calf Sculpting
  • Breast Augmentation 

Combined Cosmetic Treatments


Dr. Newman also offers the Stem Cell Lift in conjunction with other treatments that can maximize your results. The most common complementary treatments include liposuction, lipo-sculpting, laser and radiofrequency for skin tightening treatments, skin discoloration, age spots, dark spots, broken blood vessels, skin tone and texture, and tightening the skin.

Cutting Edge Cosmetic Surgery - Without Cutting

•Lower Cost •No Cutting
•No Scarring •Faster Recovery

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